ASTRO Los Angeles
TWERL, Daniel Allan, Reo Cragun, Tisoki, Pauline Herr, Mark Johns, Camoufly, helloworld, Lost Boy, Cerdin, Little Snake.
ASTRO is a unique experiment between some of the most innovative creators in the web3 music space.
9 artists connected and created at a writing camp in Los Angeles as a part of out first experiment, this is the result.
The intention behind the ASTRO camps is to create a unique way to onboard new artists into the space. There have been so many times where people asked us “how can I get started in web3 music?”, and we never have a straight and easy answer.
We believe that if we want this industry to grow, we have to create new, easier and exciting ways to bring people in. Just show up, write dope music with some cool people in a care free environment, learn more about web3 from artists with experience and have fun, we take care of the hard stuff.
Our larger scale goal with the camps is to take it around the world and host them in different cities every 3 months, onboarding new artists everywhere we go, and leading the way for dance music in the space.
The collection consists of 444 editions at 0.0444 ETH

Each song will have a different supply, with a total of 13 songs - but there’s more.

Collect, Burn & Create
Introducing our custom collect, burn & create feature - the first of its kind built using the Sound protocol.
What this means is that if you collect any 4 tracks, you will be able to burn them which will create an entirely new ASTRO NFT.
This might seem outrageous but we believe that this space is all about taking risks and trying new things, we want to give our collectors a unique and new experience that they’ve never had.

So let's break it down:

Simply collect any 4 editions, head to our custom burn page, select the 4 editions you'd like to burn, and watch the magic unfold.

In return you'll receive the secret 'Astro Meteor', and incredibly unique edition showcasing elements from the whole collection, as well as actual video snippets from the camp.
Phase 1 - Presale Mint 
Whitelist presale - 0.0333 ETH on 01/08/23 at 3pm PST
Phase 2 - Livestream
Join our listening/viewing livestream just before the public mint

Phase 3 - Public Mint
Public mint - 0.0444 ETH on  01/09/23 at 3pm PST

Phase 4 - Burn Reveal
We will drop the link to the burn feature after the public mint

Max mint per wallet - 44

Who are the artists involved?
Daniel Allan, Reo Cragun, TWERL, Tisoki, Pauline Herr, Mark Johns, Camoufly, helloworld, Lost Boy.

Visual art was created by Cerdin & Little Snake.
How can I listen?
The best place to listen is on Spinamp, which is essentially Spotify for web3.

We will also have a token-gated page for all collectors to listen to the album in full whenever the please.
If you have collected an NFT from any of the ASTRO artists, whether it be on Soundxyz or Catalog, you'll have whitelist for the drop.
Social links?
We encourage join our gated Telegeram group here if you hold an NFT from any of the astro artists.

Where Can I Learn More?
To learn more about ASTRO- read the full spread here on mirror